Terms & Conditions

The purpose of collecting the information of your house

GRØNBID is a service that connects households in the same geographic area to make solar panel investments as a group. Our service helps the house owners to find the best price and quality in the markets for their roof mounted solar panel systems. To calculate the prices the solar panel contractors need information about your house.

We transfer the information you upload to our network of solar panel installers, who calculate the prices of the investment to us. We go through the offers from our solar panel suppliers and choose the best offer for you based on the price and quality.

The registration to our service is non-binding and does not obligate the subscribed user to buy anything. The service is 100 % free for private customers.

Transferring information to third parties

We will transfer the information that you add to your account to solar panel installation companies that they can create individual pricing and offer of your solar panel solution.

We have made mutual agreement with our partner companies that they do not contact our customers directly or without our permission.


Phase I (registration)

At the first phase, we collect only your name, contacts and the address. At this stage we aim to reach sufficient amount of subscribed users, who want to buy solar panels in the same region.

Subscription to our website is anonymous and we do not reveal the information about subscribed users on our website (e.g names or addresses).

The only visible information is the number of subscribed users in each region (“e.g. so far 6/10 households are interested to solar energy in Vallkärra”).

Phase II (Details)

After you have registered, you can start adding information about your house (e.g. roof size, annual electricity consumption), but notice that you don’t need to add them immediately, only after we have reached the target amount of subscribed users in the same region.

We will inform you by email after we have reached the target!