Technologies we use

We ensure that our customers get the best technology with the best price. Because there are hundreds of different models and manufacturers in the market and the solar panels are a long-term investment, we have set certain standards to define what technology we offer to our customers.


They must have a Tier 1 ranking.

When investors may spend millions and millions of dollars to solar panel investments, they want to be sure that they are good quality and the manufacturer is going to be around under the warranty. Bloomberg is a financial information service which has createda list of so called Tier 1 – ranked solar panels. In other words, Tier 1 – ranked product represents the lowest risk to buy. We use Tier 1 ranking to confirm the good bankability of the company, because there is a correlation between bankability of the solar panel manufacturer and the quality of the solar panels. Therefore, to reduce the risk we insist only on a Tier 1 – brands.


Minimum Product warranty is 10 years and Minimum Power Warranty is 25 years.

Solar warranties and guarantees mitigate the risk of faulty equipment, breakage and/or underperformance that might occur. GRØNBID’s minimum product warranty requirement is always minimum 10 years. This means that any defects in the solar panels are covered in by product warranty for the next ten years or above. GRØNBID’s minimum Power Warranty is 25 years. This means that still after 25 years solar panels are guaranteed to generate at least 80 % what they generate as new.


They are monocrystalline – black elegant color with higher efficiency.

There are 3 types of technology utilized in the solar panel market today, these are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film amorphous. Thin film again is a totally different technology and much less efficient than silicon made counterparts. Monocrystalline panels are a bit more efficient than polycrystalline panels and therefore need less roof space and racking. The color of the monocrystalline panels is black which our customers often find more elegant compared to blueish polycrystal panels.

Integrated power optimizers

We use smart solar panels with integrated power optimizers to increase the energy harvesting and safety

Each solar panel is integrated with Solar Edge Power optimizers.


More energy.

With traditional inverters, output of all panels is affected by the weakest panel and there are substantial energy losses due to unevenly dirty and shaded panels.  With power optimizers, the maximum power of each panel is ensured.

We use only Solar edge three phase inverters because they are specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers, have superior efficiency and excellent reliability with standard 12-year warranty. They are also small, lightweight and easy to install both outdoors and indoors.


Maximum system uptime.

Thanks to power optimizers you can monitor the performance of each panel to make sure you maximize your investment. Solar edge provides free online monitoring, which you can access easily with your mobile phone or computer.


Superior safety.

Power optimizers protect property and people through automatic shutdown of the high DC voltage during installation, maintenance and emergency. This rapid shutdown is already a requirement in US for all rooftop installations (US 2017 National Electrical Code).

We use only brands that uses materials such as aluminum and stainless steel which are durable and resistant to corrosion. The mounting system 10-year product guarantee. All racking is structurally calculated for wind and snow loads per the local requirements

We use only experienced, professional installers which mount the attachments so that no damage is done to the roof. All the installation work has 5 year to 10-year guarantee depending on the contractor.