Frequently asked questions

We are always glad to help you if you have any questions regarding our service. Below we list answers to the most frequently asked questions related to our service. In case, you don’t find the answer you are looking for, you can always leave a message for us and we will reply to you asap!

What is GRØNBID?

GRØNBID is a group purchasing service for individual homeowners to create solar-powered communities with the best price on the markets. We believe that every household should have an access to a safe and smooth purchasing process when they are interested in acquiring solar panels.

However, comparing the prices and interpreting the information on the solar panels can be a challenging and time-consuming process for a private person. We have also learned that when buying solar panels together you can get a substantial discount and a much better return on investment.

We want to make  these benefits available to all of our customers:

  • Time-saving and easier process for purchasing solar panels
  • Finding the best offer
  • Saving more – GRØNBID’s business model allows offers that are 20 % cheaper than the average market price

That’s why we want to connect you and your neighbors on our platform to deliver these benefits to all of you!

How does your service work?

Please have a look at our service in a nutshell here

Is the signing up binding?

Signing up is non-binding and 100% free to private persons. After we reveal the prices you only sign the contract if our offer sounds reasonable for you.

What does your service cost for me?

Our service is 100 % free to private persons.

What are the advantages of GRØNBID?

GRØNBID is an independent, transparent bidding service for private house owners. We create campaigns to market solar cells to an entire neighborhood.

Our service helps you to find the best prices in the solar panel market. We take in applications from house owners who want to buy solar cells and provide offers for the entire portfolio from several entrepreneurs with a good reputation. Thanks to our technical expertise in the solar energy industry, we can choose the best offer for you.

Our specialists also help you all the way through in the buying process and make buying solar panels hassle free. We even pre-fill your electricity certificate and subsidy applications. Did you know that you can get a 30% investment subsidy from the Swedish Government?

When will I receive the information about the investment cost?

After you fill in your house details and upload some photos, book a time for a call with us. We will show you how the facility will look like and go through the details. At this stage, we can provide you with a price estimate. Final price will be confirmed when GRØNBID chooses the supplier with the best offer.

How is it possible that your price is 20 % lower than the average market price?

We use our network of solar panel installers to find the best price for you. The group purchasing brings many benefits to our service suppliers. They are ready to offer a substantial discount as long as they can install the solar panels on the roof of several houses simultaneously in one area. 

Are the companies installing the solar panels reliable?

We only contact the certified solar system installer companies with a sufficient number of references and experience in this field. Additionally, we require guarantees for the installation material and for the performance quality. This way we ensure that the process will go smoothly and the company will deliver the final product on time.

Is my house roof suitable for solar cells?

That’s the first thing we look at after your registration. If there is not enough space or the entire roof is shaded, we will tell you immediately.

What is the typical payback time of solar panels?

As much as it depends on the size of the installed system, typical payback time for solar panels in Sweden it is 10 – 15 years after investment. Through our service, the payback time drops to 8 – 12 years. Expected lifetime of the solar panels is 30 years.

I have already registered. What’s the next step?

After registering, our specialists check that your house roof is suitable for installing solar cells and you will receive an email with the instructions on the campaign. If you do not get any email within 24 hours, please check your social campaigns’ tab.

Why do I have to fill in my house details?

Knowing the detailed information will help us to design a better system for you. It will be also important information on the later stage to drive the price down during the bidding. Filling in the house details only takes a few minutes. You can save your progress whenever you want.

Why do you want to see my electricity invoice?

The most important information for designing a better system is the monthly electricity consumption and fuse size. Electricity invoices usually show electricity consumption from the last two years. This information will help us to give you a better price estimate.

I have a large roof, is it appropriate to use the entire roof area?

Yes and no. Maximum power generation under a year should not exceed your annual electricity consumption. In case of installing the solar cells on an entire roof area, electricity generation might be more than you buy now from the electricity network. This makes investment less profitable. As long as electricity production does not exceed the consumption, it is appropriate to use the entire roof area.

What is an inverter and why do I have to indicate its precise location?

The power inverter shifts the current from solar cells in order to deliver electricity for your house. It also controls the system and sends data to the internet so you can view the power generation. The gearbox should be connected to the switchboard, so it is best to place it nearby. During the call we will go through the details and talk about your preferences.