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There are interested solar panel customers in the region of Helsingborg, Mariastaden that have subscribed on our platform and we are currently collecting more interested house owners to join Mariastaden communal solar project. We aim to have 10 houses in total before we start asking the turnkey prices from local solar panel installers.

The more households subscribe, the better price we find for you!

Now it’s your opportunity to join and get exclusive offer of solar panels on your roof.

Do you live in Mariastaden? Join now solarising your community and subscribe for free bidding round:

What is GRØNBID?

GRØNBID is a group buying service for individual homeowners to create solar powered communities with the best price on the markets. We believe that every household should have a safe and smooth purchasing process when they are interested in acquiring solar panels. However, comparing the prices and interpreting the information of the solar panels can be challenging and time-consuming process for private person. We have also learned that when people buy solar panels together they will get a substantial discount and a much better return on their investment.

We want to bring these benefits available to all to our customers:

  • The ease and time saving of buying solar panels
  • Finding the best offer
  • Getting the savings – the prices are 20 % cheaper than average market price when you buy through GRØNBID

That’s why we want to connect you and your neighbors on our platform to get you all these benefits!

How does the service work?

Please have a look at our service in a nutshell here

How is it possible that the price is up to 20% below the market price?

There exist more than dozens of solar panel providers in Sweden. The prices of these turnkey solutions they provide variate and finding the best price requires a lot of time and effort. We use our network of installers to find the best price to you rapidly. The group buying also brings many benefits to our service suppliers, and they are eager to offer substantial discount when they can install to several houses simultaneously in one region.

Is the registration binding?

Signing up is nonbinding and 100 % free to private persons. After we reveal the prices users can sign the contract our offer pleases them.

Does the service cost something?

Our service is 100 % free to private persons.

Why should I use this?

If you are a house owner and interested to buy solar panel installations to your roof, you should use our service. Our service helps you to find best prices in the solar panel market. Our specialists also help you all the way through in the buying process and makes buying solar panels hassle free. We even pre-fill your electricity certificate and subsidy applications. Did you know that you can get 30 % investment subsidy from Swedish Government?

What is the typical payback time for solar panels?

Typical payback time in Sweden depends on the size installed system, but typically in Sweden it is after subsidies 10 – 15 years. With our service the payback time is 8 – 12 years. Expected life time of the solar panels is 30 years.

Are the solar panel contractors reliable?

We only use certified installation companies with sufficient amount of reference installations. We also require certain guarantees for the material they install and for the installation work.

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