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5 reasons to invest in solar now

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to invest in solar energy now and to buy solar panels! Arguments for renewable energies range from financial aspects to environmental reasons to personal motives. During the last 6 years, the prices for solar panel investments have decreased by 75 % in Sweden.  Solar panel investments are more profitable than ever before!

However, many households are still under the impression that solar energy is expensive and won’t be a profitable investment. In case you had similar thoughts read our post below, which outlines the five best reasons to invest in solar panels.   

#1 Solar panels are profitable investments

While most homeowners need 8 to 12 years to pay off their solar investment they profit up to 25-30 years from their system. During the lifecycle of the panels, the rate of return will be approximately 10 %. An as profitable and risk-free investment is hard to find in the traditional stock markets!

#2 Increase the value of your house

Another great benefit of investing in solar systems is the increase in your property value. While studies have shown that houses with solar energy sell more quickly than houses with traditional energy systems (i.e. oil), appraisers are also increasingly taking renewable energies into consideration as they value homes.1

#3 Environmental impacts

Many of us don’t know the full benefits a solar investment can make for the environment. Most of us are aware that solar panels can reduce our carbon footprint, as houses are accountable for up to 40 precent of all carbon emissions. But did you know that households can eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year by implementing a solar system on their roof – “the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually”? 1.Furthermore, solar energy does not deplete natural resources and also decreases water consumption.  A reduction in noise and waste, which is given by solar in comparison to other electricity sources, benefits our land and improves the overall air quality of our communities.

#4 Governmental subsidies

Since January of this year (2018), the Swedish government has increased the subsidies to solar panel investments for private households to 30 % and doubled the annual budget. You are also now able to get 60 öre per kWh tax reductions for the electricity you sell back to grid5. Together with a Swedish electricity certificate4 system and the compensation you receive from both grid owner and your energy retailer, you can get even higher prices for the sold electricity than you pay! Did you know that you can get 60 % subsidy investment also for the solar batteries3?

#5 Self-sufficiency

Traditional electricity prices make up a large proportion of the total costs of a single household. Simultaneously, prices have been steadily increasing since 2010 and Sweden accounts for one of the most expensive countries within the European region. New scenarios forecast that the electricity price will double from now till 2030 in Sweden!3 Solar energy offers a great chance to become self-sufficient by minimizing the purchased energy from the grid, which can be even increased by combining solar panels with a battery system.  

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