Impact of the lifted EU import controls on solar prices

On September 3rd the European Commission decided not to extend the trade controls for Chinese solar panels. Controls included Minimum Import Price (MIP) which effectively set the lowest price for Chinese imports. The minimum price had gradually been reduced to reflect the falling average prices until its expiry.

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Price formation of electricity and solar overproduction

A typical villa owner not connected to district heating spends between 12 000 and 25 000 kronor a year in electric bills. A solar installation with 34 panels will produce 12 000 kronor worth of power every year. Investment cost is 120 000 kronor, which gives a direct payback time of 10 years. In the remaining 20 years the investment makes another 240 000 kronor of pure profit.

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Solar system design basics

We explain the basics of solar system design and why Optimizers increase the safety and production of your system. First, we’ll refresh some basic concepts of electricity and then apply these to solar power.

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